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China Philately Vol. II
The Chinese Empire

Ausgabe 2001 (Edition 2001)
Englischer Text (English text)
1000 Abbildungen (1000 images)
Format DIN A4, 365 Seiten (297 x 210 mm, 365 pages)
Hardcover 90 Euro / Softcover 57 Euro inkl. MwSt.

On the 365 pages are shown about 1000 bw pics of covers and cards of the Chinese Empire Issues.

The entires are described in brief but exponentially and - and this is the special value of this catalogue - for each of them is shown the price, to be exact: the price this item was sold for at one of the international auction companies. Thus you will have the real prices and not only estimates. If you add further 20 to 25 percent (auction surcharge) you will exactly know what this card or cover is worth or at least was worth a buyer.

Inhalt (Contents)

1878 Large Dragon (page 018)
1878 Large Dragon (page 045)
1878 Large Dragon (page 055)
1885 Small Dragon (page 062)
1894 Dowager Empress (page 104)
1894 Dowager Empress (page 107)
1894 Dowager Empress (page 126)
1897 New Currency surcharges (page 139)
1897 New Currency surcharges (page 158)
1897 New Currency surcharges (page 167)
1897 Red Revenues (page 188)
1897 Red Revenues (page 194)
Chinese Imperial Post (page 219)
Chinese Imperial Post (page 223)
Shanghai Local Post (page 276)
Chefoo Local Post (page 282)
Chefoo Local Post (page 285)
Chungking Local Post (page 292)
Hainan Samah Land Local Post (page 295)
Ichang Local Post (page 299)
Nanking Local Post (page 305)
Wei-Hai-Wei Local Post (page 306)
Japanese Post Offices (page 336)
U.S. Post Offices (page 343)

Kritiken und Kommentare

Book review
"American Philatelist"
"Forschungsgemeinschaft China Philatelie"
Kommentar (Comment)
"Dr. Jeffrey S. Schneider"