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Deutsches Reich
Die Brustschildmarken 1872 - 1874


1000 S/W-Abbildungen
Format DIN A4, 352 Seiten

A very interesting book for all those collectors who are interested in entires of the German Shield Issues of 1872 - 1874. On the 352 pages of the book are shown 1000 covers and cards in b&w.

The entires are described in brief but exponentially and - and this is the special value of this catalogue - for each of them is shown the price, to be exact: the price this item was sold for at one of the auction companies. Thus you will have the real prices and not only estimates. If you add further 20 to 25 percent (auction surcharge) you will exactly know what this card or cover is worth or at least was worth a buyer.

Although the catalogue is written in German, also experiened collectors who do not know this language will understand most of it.


Inhalt (Contents)


Beispielseiten (Example sides)

Seite 027 Großherzogtum Baden

Seite 032 Großherzogtum Baden

Seite 039 Berlin

Seite 072 Königreich Sachsen

Seite 099 Königreich Preußen

Seite 140 Thurn & Taxis Südlicher Kreuzer-Bezirk

Seite 174 Elsass Lothringen - Destination Frankreich

Seite 190 Destination Frankreich

Seite 212 Destination Italien

Seite 246 Destination Norwegen

Seite 256 Destination England

Seite 280 Destination Nord- & Mittelamerika Hawaii

Seite 301 Destination Kleinasien Jerusalem

Seite 302 Destination Kleinasien Vorderindien

Seite 313 Randstücke & Druckbesonderheiten


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